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Web Consultation

Web Design

Every business deserves a great looking and well functioning website.

We believe that every business has different needs for their website. That is why we have no set pricing or packages. We price our sites based on what our client needs. 

We can provide your business with a great-looking website that has any features you need such as a testimonials section, contact forms, services, online booking service, online store and so much more.

We look forward to hearing from you!
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Responsive Website
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Website Elements
- Home page
- Contact page, email, phone number
- About page
- Services page/online booking
- Portfolio page
- Photos
- Pop-up banners
- Embed HTML
- Testimonials
- Google Maps of your location
- Clickable logos to your social media
- Integrate analytics tracking into your site
- SEO (Search Engine Optimization) What is SEO?
- Online store/online food ordering
- Integrate reservations for restaurants (OneTable, etc.)
And so much more...
Scroll down to get more information about some of the pages and additions
The Process
The Process

1. Consultation

An associate from Summit Web Creations will discuss with you what your needs and visions are for your new website. Pricing will also be discussed with the client beforehand. We will have you answer a series of questions to give us information on what exactly you want included in your website. Any additional photos or videos will be emailed separately.

2. Outline

We will then develop an outline for how your website will be made, and once that is approved by the client, production of the website will begin.

3. Communication

An associate from Summit Web Creations will continue to communicate with you during the development of your website to update you on the process and the expected time of completion.

4. Website Development Completed

Your website has been finished being developed. The website will be presented to the client, and if there are any additional changes that need to be made before the website goes live, we will add them.

5. Website Live

Your new website is live! Congratulations.

6. Monthly Maintenance Plan and Google My Business

Summit Web Creations offers monthly maintenance plans for clients whose website needs frequent updates. Click here to view all plans. We also can set up a Google My Business page for your business. Click here to learn more about Google My Business.

Meeting Between Colleagues
Is Your Business Local?

We can travel to your business location to take any pictures or capture footage necessary for your website needs for an additional charge. Pricing depends on how far your business is from our location and how many content is needed.

Your Website optimized for all devices


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